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Mechanical Design & FEM Analysis

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We deliver our advanced engineering services, working with our clients from concept to project completion to create and deliver new innovative products and solutions, supporting our client’s targets and future strategy. Together, our consultants approach complex engineering challenges and advise our clients at every phase of the project life-cycle, due their deep understanding of specific sector issues.

Moreover, we apply virtual simulation instruments and methods, like FEM Analysis, to predict the behavior of single components and entire system (vehicle, machine, mechanical assembly…) with increasing reliability end efficiency.

Our engineers apply computer-aided-engineering (CAE) starting from initial project phases, obtaining essential information required for the developing of components that meet increasingly ambitious behaviour requirements.
We work at our clients’ offices, operating in complete synergy with their organization.

Additive Manufacturing, 3d Printing, Prototyping

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Progemec is not only a rapid prototyping and 3D printing service, but a partner able to support its customers throughout the entire roadmap, from intuition to the creation of a product, intervening at all stages of the process where it is needed a rapid and competent support.
We guarantee speed, confidentiality, quality, innovation, and the added value of knowing how to be the sole interlocutor for the whole complex process that goes from the idea to the production.

In an economic and industrial context in which traditional production approaches are no longer the only way to place a product on the market, the main advantages for our customers are:

  • Saving of days in production cycles
  • Simplification of final assembly
  • Production of light and resistant structures
  • Creation of hyper-realistic prototypes
  • Substantial increase in competitiveness


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  • 3D Modeling

  • Data Conversion

  • 2D to 3D Conversion

  • 2D Detailing

  • Data Migration

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  • Structural Analysis

  • Static & Dynamic Analysis

  • CFD

  • Thermal Transient Analysis

  • Metal Forming Simulations

  • Design Validation & Optimization

  • Composites & Plastics Simulations

  • NVH